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20 Killer Ab Exercises

Hey guys,

It’s Mike and today I’m going to show you my 20 best exercises for getting six pack abs. If you’ve been following my workouts, you probably already know that you must first burn off your belly fat before your abs will be visible. That’s why in this episode I’ll demonstrate for you exercises that not only helps you build great abs, but will also help you burn off your belly fat.

Workout breakdown:

0:02 Standard crunches
0:07 Toe touches
0:12 Bicycles
0:18 Crunches hands down the middle
0:23 Swipes
0:33 Sky Scrapers
0:43 Half burpees
0:50 Mountain Climbers
0:55 Plank – knee to elbow
1:04 Plank – bridge
1:13 Plank – crossover kneww to elbow
1:21 Plank – steps
1:30 Spiderman
1:38 Russian Twist
1:43 legged holds
1:52 Jack knives
1:57 Leg raise
2:06 Side leg raises
2:12 Retractors
2:19 Lying leg raise

I hope this video really helps you with your workouts.

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