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6 Exercise Chest-Building Workout

Steve Cook says that if you want to construct a better chest, you need to look beyond the bench press.

Most people think that the flat bench press is the ultimate exercise for chest building—that no chest-day workout is complete without it. Although the bench press is a fantastic movement, it’s actually much better for building strength than muscle mass. There just isn’t enough chest isolation to make the bench press the best choice for pec hypertrophy.

So, you’re not going to do any flat bench pressing in this workout. Instead, you’re going to pre-exhaust your chest with some pec-isolation sets before moving into exercises that recruit other muscles. Finally, you’ll hit a blood-pumping circuit that will set your muscle fibers on fire.

This workout isn’t about the weight; it’s about forcing a lot of blood into your pecs so they can grow. Check your ego at the door.

Check out all the details in this video…

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