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Overtraining is GOOD for You (TRUTH ABOUT OVERTRAINING!)

How to ensure you never overtrain again (and see faster results)

Do you really know what overtraining is? Are you wondering if the workout you are doing is leading you to be overtrained and costing you serious results in the process? If so then you’re going to want to watch this video about overtraining and what it really means to see for yourself if you’re guilty of this.

Overtraining has become a term of art, able to be defined by anyone however they choose to define it. The problem however is that OTS or Over Training Syndrome is anything but arbitrary. It’s a real condition that affects many drug free lifters or those who have not hit the one in one million genetic lottery.

Overtraining is often identified by someone who has stalled in making gains in either muscle size or strength, someone who has lost all enthusiasm for going to the gym, or eve someone who has become more susceptible to non workout related muscle aches or joint pains.

In order to see serious results from your training you have to push yourself beyond your own limits of comfort. You have to force your muscles to grow. This takes a serious effort and it takes one that is achieved in the shortest amount of time necessary to create that need. Natural lifters need every opportunity to maximize their recovery and this comes away from the gym. Banging away at set after set of submaximal intensity or even worse, set after set of incredible intensity (after you have already stimulated enough for a change) is a bad use of your body’s resources.

So, to determine whether overtraining is good for you, you need to first decide how you want to define the term. If you are going to use the actual medical definition of it, then you are going to want to avoid overtraining.

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