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Thinking Of Hiring A Personal Trainer?

Here are some tough questions you can ask them.

The goal is to get results.  You are not just giving someone your money without the expectation that you will get good results.

Finding the right personal training is different for everyone, but if you want to know how good they are, just ask them these questions:

1) What is your style of training and why do you think it works best for getting results?

Every trainer or coach has a different way to train their clients. Some trainers are in your face and loud, while others are quiet. Certain trainers teach with their hands and by demonstrating, while others teach visually. Which style will work best for you? Do you need someone who is going to scream at you like a boot camp? Or are you looking for someone who will push you without causing a scene?

2) How long will the process take for me to see good results?

Even though this question is super hard to answer, it’s still a really good question to ask. I ask this question to help weed out the con artists. People get results at a different pace, its nearly impossible to guarantee results to a client but a con artist will make promises that sound too good to be true just to make a sale. The answer you should look for should be: “Well, it’s hard to say for sure because every person is different but generally my clients lose an average of 10-20lbs in a 3 month period. It really just depends on how much effort they put into my program.”

3) Do you have any client pictures or videos?

The proof is in the pudding. Does the trainer you are thinking about hiring have a good track record with getting people results? Before and after pictures can show you how serious the trainer is and can give you a glimpse of what you might be able to achieve. The more testimonials, the better.

4) What if I don’t see results?

This is an important question to ask because you want to know what would happen if you weren’t getting results. How would the trainer alter your training or diet to keep you on the right path? I like to ask this question so you can understand the trainer’s methodology. If you plateau, will they be altering your diet, increasing your cardio or increasing your overall volume?

Each of these questions are designed to find the experienced trainer that can get you the results you are paying for.

Make sure you work with them, follow their plan and you will get the full benefit you are seeking.

After all, why pay for results and not follow through with their plan for you.

You can fail for free working on your own.



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